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News 2022

NEWS 2022

Poliform presents a sneak preview of its new products for living and sleeping areas. Sofas, armchairs and seats where design and comfort find the perfect balance; tables, coffee tables and sideboards with minimalist aesthetics; two new beds that celebrate the connection between different areas of the home. A style that grows into a lifestyle and is inspired by the world of art.

Jean-Marie Massaud and Emmanuel Gallina talk about Poliform’s perspective on contemporary living, with collections featuring heterogeneous shapes and lines, but capable of creating stylistic links between the various rooms of the home.


Jean-Marie Massaud designs a domestic landscape with a strong architectural quality. Its protagonist is Brera, a system of sofas where elegance is expressed through a horizontal, clean and contemporary design.


Mush is a coffee table system with an essential aesthetic, designed as a discreet accompaniment to the Brera sofa.


The Ube stool is an element of rupture, a work of art serving the functionality of the living area. Inspired by the seed of the coco de mer, a tropical fruit with an evocative and sensual shape.


The Curve armchair replicates the soft lines and the centrality of wood while lightening structure and padding, stripping them down to their essence.


The Kaori armchair is a counterpoint to the Brera sofa, as well as to all the designs in the Sofas collection that have a strong architectural connotation. It is characterised by soft lines and generous volumes.


Poliform presents the Kitchen Collection novelties: the restyling of the historical model Artex and the introduction of equipment and accessories designed to make the kitchen environment more contemporary and functional.


Curve is an essential and solid table, where gentle lines meet visually striking details, such as the wooden crosspiece and hide.


Light and elegant, behind its apparent simplicity this chair hides an intricate crafting of solid wood. In all three variants—wood, wood with upholstered seat and wood with upholstered seat and backrest—the material is the protagonist.


Aiko is a system of sideboards with clean lines and sophisticated details. Inspired by ancient sideboards, the cupboards are suspended on a base with feet, in line with the doors with shaped profiles.


Yume is an upholstered bed that reinterprets a classic design through visual and material lightness, thanks to a soft headboard. It combines a timeless elegance with precious couture details, such as leather inserts inspired by the world of fashion.


Essential, elegant and sensual, the room divider is a piece with an antique yet extraordinarily contemporary charm.


The Nara collection has been expanded to include two new elements. They too are made of solid wood, and crafted with a process inspired by the art of cabinet-making.


Curve was born from the need to create a light and essential bed, which embodies Poliform’s distinctive elegance and timelessness. The Curve collection continues stripping down the material to achieve a delicate and contemporary lightness.


The peculiarity of the Shindo carpet is its pattern, which looks like a relief but is actually created by the contrast between two materials, wool and silk, which creates a spectacular optical effect. The peculiarity of the Shindo carpet is its pattern, which looks like a relief but is actually created by the contrast between two materials, wool and silk, which creates a spectacular optical effect.


A new selection that interprets upholstery as an aesthetic possibility and a vehicle for visual and tactile sensations.


The Senzafine Plus door collection is enriched by the new glass version.


Senzafine Match is the new door of Senzafine, the modular system for the bedroom that stands out for its endless aesthetic and functional possibilities.

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